Posted by : atcampbell | On : March 2, 2004

Thraxas by Martin Scott

Ten people attended this discussion and two submitted comments by email. Seven had read part of the book, but only four read the entire Baen volume, which is composed of the original Thraxas (2000 World Fantasy Award winner) plus a second book, Thraxas and the Warrior Monks. No one had read British author Martin Scott before, nor any of the urban fiction under his real name, Martin Millar.

Scott parodies both noir and high fantasy in a way that most of the group found amusing and enjoyable, but nowhere near “hilarious.” We did not think it merited the World Fantasy Award, and thought it may have received the award for political reasons. Those who read the second book thought it was better written and was more of a straight mystery.

The title character of the book, Thraxas, a lazy, hard-drinking, down-on his-luck sorcerer/detective, was well-characterized, but most of the group (the men in particular) preferred his sidekick, a smart, mixed-blood, ex-gladiator waitress in a chain-mail bikini. Just about everything is thrown into the first book, from dragons, giant alligators, and assassins, to Orcs, elves, a beautiful princess, corrupt politicians, drugs, and women’s rights.

This fast, light read is good for times when the brain needs no demands on it, such as before bed, but the book should be weighted down–one reader kept expecting it to float off the nightstand.

After the discussion, the group voted on new books then went to dinner.

–Sandy Kayser