Posted by : atcampbell | On : October 4, 2005

Natural History by Justina Robson

All 6 people present at the discussion had read some part of the book. 3 of them had finished it. Two of the remaining people were going to finish it anyway even though they didn’t really like it. None of the attendees have read Justina Robson before.

Only two of them liked the book, at least to some extent. The others didn’t like it for the following reasons.

The author’s descriptive powers are not up to par

One participant summed it up like this, and others agreed. “The author can’t carry a scene. You don’t get good visuals from her book. I don’t think her descriptive powers are up to the scene she tries to have. She was tripping over her language and not getting to her imagery. In a few places she’s got something

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