Posted by : atcampbell | On : December 21, 2004

Roma Eterna by Robert Silverberg

Only 3 people out of the 13 who showed up for the discussion had finished this alternate history collection of short stories. One person hadn’t read any of the book and 4 did not plan to finish it. Almost everyone (12 people) had read Silverberg before.

Although the book is marketed as a novel, it is actually a collection of stories (most published previously in Asimov’s). The stories are related only by the theme of a Rome that continues eternally (or at least through the last story which is set in 2723A.D.), but is often on the verge of falling. Silverberg’s history roughly

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Posted by : atcampbell | On : December 7, 2004

Chindi by Jack McDevitt

A large group of 16 people showed up for this meeting, although some were there for voting on new books and socializing more than for discussing the book. Twelve people did start the book and 7 of them managed to finish it. Twelve had read McDevitt before.

This is McDevitt’s third book featuring superluminal pilot Hutch and her over-the-top rescues. In this volume she and a group of amateur explorers from the Contact Society follow a signal around the galaxy trying to locate the alien

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