Posted by : atcampbell | On : October 16, 2001

First Contract by Greg Costikyan

Twelve people attended this discussion. First Contract is a humorous novel about aliens coming to Earth to establish peaceful trade relations. The cheap alien high-tech merchandise drives most Earthly businesses bankrupt. The story follows a former CEO trying to start a new business where he can compete with the aliens. Ten people at the meeting had read the book.

Most of us thought this was a lot of fun. The crazy business meetings seemed real. The former CEO’s journeys cause him to meet many interesting people, including some generous hippies and an unscrupulous art dealer who sells velvet paintings of Elvis for exorbitant prices to the aliens. Many of us enjoyed reading about the process of starting and growing a business. The story culminates in a wonderful interstellar trade show, where vendors have to pay for lots of extras in addition to their exhibit space: air, gravity, etc. Those of us who’d worked at

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Posted by : atcampbell | On : October 2, 2001

Heart of Gold by Sharon Shinn

Seven people attended this discussion. Two also sent in comments by email. Heart of Gold is a SF novel set on a world with two major cultures: a matriarchal society of blue-skinned people called the Indigo, and a gold-skinned patriarchal society called the Gulden. The uneasy but peaceful coexistence of these two groups is threatened by a series of terrorist attacks. We view this world and its time of trouble through two viewpoint characters: Nolan, a traditional Indigo man, and Kit, an Indigo woman raised among the Gulden. Six of us had read the book.

It must be mentioned that this discussion was held when the September 11 terrorist attacks were still fresh in our minds. Reading and discussing a book

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