Posted by : atcampbell | On : August 21, 2007

Hurricane Moon by Alexis Glynn Latner

10 people attended the discussion of Alexis Glynn Latner’s debut novel Hurricane Moon. 4 people have read Latner’s short stories before. 7 people started the book, 4 of them finished. Some others didn’t finish it because they got it too late. This book had not been in stores for long at the time of the discussion. Some of these people were planning to finish it, if for no other reason then because they know Alexis personally (she has been coming to ArmadilloCons for many years).

Hurricane Moon is a story of an interstellar mission to find a habitable planet for humans to colonize. Finding the right planet takes longer than expected, and having spent a thousand years in a stasis, the colonists wake up with significant

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Posted by : atcampbell | On : August 6, 2007

The Last Witchfinder by James Morrow

Everybody started The Last Witchfinder by James Morrow. Half of the people finished it. Everybody but one person read James Morrow before. The novel chronicles the life of Jennet Sterne, a fictional 17th century woman. After her beloved aunt and mentor is accused of witchcraft and executed, the 12-year-old Jennet decides to make it her life mission to put an end to witch trials. For that she needs to come up with an incontrovertible argument that would convince everybody that the notion of witchcraft is absurd and impossible. She devotes her life to this grand task, and it takes her on many interesting, even improbable adventures.

Everybody said the book was beautifully written. The prose was full of archaic turns of phrase, yet it didn’t seem stilted or artificial. I personally was amazed that the characters’ speech consistently sounded like it really could have been spoken

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