Posted by : atcampbell | On : November 18, 2003

Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear

Fifteen people attended this discussion, including one on crutches. Fourteen people started the book and 13 finished it.

The group was happy to read a book they felt dealt with SCIENCE. Set two weeks in the future, DR follows a virus researcher who discovers what seems to be a new virus that affects human reproduction. Soon widespread pregnancies are causing panic as facial changes visably mark those affected and humanity

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Posted by : atcampbell | On : November 4, 2003

Jenna Starborn by ArmadilloCon 26’s GOH, Sharon Shinn

Twelve people attended this discussion and 3 others emailed in their comments. Eight people started the book with five reading to the end. The same five had all read this author before.

Using the classic Jane Eyre as the basis for a science fiction novel intrigued some readers while others were more ambivalent. The source material was easy to identify with a few updated twists, such as a cyborg wife instead of a crazy one. Plus in this retelling our heroine is a vat-grown, plucky nuclear reactor technician. There is a governess who is ruined by a lover, but needless to say Jenna

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