Posted by : atcampbell | On : April 15, 2003

Psychohistorical Crisis by Donald Kingsbury

Twelve people showed up for this discussion at the home of the Brothers Siros. Our topic, Donald Kingsbury’s Psychohistorical Crisis, is a far-future novel about mathematicians who try to predict the future. Many of the ideas discussed in this book were major elements of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, which Kingsbury acknowledges as his inspiration. Seven of us started Psychohistorical Crisis but only four finished it. Two of us had read prior Kingsbury works, and all but one had read Asimov’s Foundation books.

Many of us were intrigued by the idea of psychohistory, and we thought Kingsbury explored it well. This book was full of big ideas and first rate science. The depiction of mathematicians at work seemed genuine. We found this book’s

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Posted by : atcampbell | On : April 1, 2003

The Last Hot Time by John M. Ford

This discussion at Judy and Jeff’s home drew fifteen participants, including one first-timer. Our topic was John M. Ford’s The Last Hot Time, a novel about a young paramedic who stumbles into a fairy world resembling North America in the 1930s, but with gangster elves. All but one of us had started and finished the book.

We found much to like. Enjoyable elements included sympathetic characters with good characterizations, clear prose, and a literary narrative style that reveals information in a carefully chosen manner. Some of the scenery was interesting, including a fantastic aquarium. The moral and ethical crises that faced the

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