Posted by : atcampbell | On : February 17, 2010

Star Flight by Andre Norton

Thirteen people attended this discussion at the Milwood library, and another submitted comments by email.  Our topic was Star Flight by Andre Norton. This book is an omnibus of two planetary colonization novels, The Stars are Ours (1954) and Star Born (1957).  Eleven of us had read Norton before. All of us started the book. Eleven finished the first novel, and six finished both.

Our group had been interested in reading Norton’s work for years, but her work had been largely out of print for a while. The publisher Baen has recently started

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Posted by : atcampbell | On : February 2, 2010

Incandescence by Greg Egan

This meeting at the North Village branch library drew fifteen attendees. Our topic was Incandescence by Greg Egan, one of our group’s favorite authors. In this hard sf novel, a group of people living in a world much different from Earth are forced to develop their understanding of physics in a hurry to save their home. Thirteen of us had read Egan before. Twelve started the book, and eight finished it.

One reader commented that sf is a literature of ideas, and this book is a

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