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Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones

Seven people attended the discussion of Deep Secret, and one person submitted comments by e-mail. Deep Secret is a light fantasy novel set largely in our world in the present. Rupert Venables, a young magid (an interdimensional wizard) is assigned the task of recruiting a new magid from Earth. To simplify his task, he compiles a list of suitable candidates and arranges for all of them to attend a science fiction convention held in Great Britain during Easter weekend. Rupert’s experiences at the con are complicated by centaurs, obnoxious writers, a struggle for succession in an other-dimensional kingdom, and romance.

We liked a lot about this book. The story and characters were engaging, and we appreciated the novelty of a story taking place at a convention. Many details of the convention (hotel overbooking, egotistical authors, strange slogans on

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Playing God by Sarah Zettel

Five people attended the discussion of Playing God, and one person submitted comments by e-mail. In this futuristic science fiction novel, a human corporation is hired to revitalize the ecology of a planet that has been ravaged by decades of war. The planet’s indigenous inhabitants, who have finally reached peace, agree to be completely evacuated to orbiting space habitats while the planet’s environment is being saved. The plot of this book chronicles the first few months of this ambitious project.

We found a lot to admire about this book. We liked Zettel’s writing style, which told the story cleanly yet compellingly. The major characters were an interesting mixture of humans and aliens of various ages and professions. The author did a

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