Posted by : atcampbell | On : March 20, 2012

Monster by A. Lee Martinez

Ten people attended this discussion at the Milwood Branch Library. Our topic was Monster, a humorous fantasy novel by Texas author A. Lee Martinez. The story is about a pest control expert who specializes in supernatural creatures like yetis and dragons. Five people at the meeting had read Martinez before. Eight of us started the book, and seven finished it.

One person said that he enjoyed reading a light, quick book with humor but no puns. He liked that the humor seasoned the book but was not the sole reason for it. He wondered in the author consulted a D&D manual in coming up with creatures for the protagonist to round up.

Several members said they enjoyed reading this book so much that they read it in one or two sittings.  They felt the book was well-paced and laughed throughout it.

Another reader appreciated Martinez’s storytelling. He said this book continually surprised him with wonderful images such as purple worms breaking through the floor of a house.

We liked several of the characters. Monster the exterminator and Judy his client were fun characters, and their relationship developed in ways that surprised us. We thought Monster’s choices of girlfriends were interesting, running from a demon from Hell to a promiscuous angel. We all loved Monster’s sidekick Chester, the origami-man from the 6th Dimension who could fold himself into any useful shape including a bird or a bull.

Overall we found Monster to be a fun, light reading experience. After the meeting, many of us had dinner together at Culver’s.

–A. T. Campbell, III