Resume with Monsters

Posted by : atcampbell | On : June 4, 1996

Resume with Monsters by William Browning Spencer

We’ve been doing some fun and different stuff with the FACT Reading Group lately. The F.A.C.T. Sheet editor, a participant in the group, asked me to share our recent activities with the rest of FACT.

Eight people showed up at the FACT Office on June 4 to discuss Resume with Monsters by local author William Browning Spencer. We all liked this comic novel about a man who has a succession of terrible jobs at companies invariably owned by monsters from the Cthulhu mythos. We appreciated Bill’s skill in making us sympathize with a character who can’t hold a decent job, spends a lot of time in mental institutions, and has trouble letting go of doomed relationships. One member said it best: “We like this guy because his life is worse than ours.”

–A. T. Campbell, III