Memory and Dream

Posted by : atcampbell | On : October 1, 1996

Memory and Dream by Charles de Lint

After an absence of several months, here’s a new installment of the adventures of several FACT members on a quest for good books…

On October 1, seven folks showed up at the FACT Office to discuss Charles de Lint’s Memory and Dream, an urban fantasy involving magic and the visual arts. Due to the intrusion of two factors (ArmadilloCon and Real Life), few of us had read much of the book. Three people were at or past the halfway mark, and the rest had barely started. No one found the book hard to follow, but precious time to read had just not been available. Comments by those who had read significant portions of the book include “sober and adult but not dark”, “de Lint seems to dismiss creativity in areas other than the Fine Arts”, and “interesting take on how things happen and how we remember them”.

–A. T. Campbell, III