Dinner with Elizabeth Moon

Posted by : atcampbell | On : April 26, 1997

Dinner with Elizabeth Moon

Since we’d discussed two of Elizabeth Moon’s books, we decided it was high time to take her out to dinner. On April 26, ten of us gathered at Cafe Serranos to honor Ms. Moon and her work. She told us that she considers Remnant Population to be “the most Texan SF novel” she’s written. The main character was based on people she knew while growing up in South Texas. To make sure that her depiction of the elderly was correct, she read several fiction and nonfiction books about the subject, and she hired a “70+” writing teacher to help edit the manuscript. We learned about Moon’s “3 Step Revision Process.” She shared some of her experiences collaborating with Anne McCaffrey, which she found “a valuable learning opportunity.” Ms. Moon was a gracious and entertaining dinner guest, and we’re glad she found time to share with us.

–A. T. Campbell, III