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What's New
Donate to the Official WFC Charity 10.30.06 Greets! Well, this will be one of the last entries before WFC this week. We're excited about seeing you! Memberships have been updated, and online registration for the banquet and the convention are both closed. You will need to purchase any tickets at the convention. Thanks to everyone for using the site and online registration. You've probably noticed, but the Programming team has placed the schedule on the Programming page. Lots of amazing things happening - hopefully you'll get to hear some wonderful, exciting things. The weather remains nice, but you'll want to bring something for cool mornings and evenings, and perhaps something for rain. If you have allergies, be warned -- Austin's notorious for causing sneezes. It's always more fun when you're prepared. Last, if you get a chance, do say hi if you see me walking around the hotel. For months, I've seen your names and written to many of you, but it's always nice to put a face to it. So say hi!

10.23.06 Cheers - we're less than two weeks away from WFC 2006 here in Austin. The weather is gorgeous, with warm days with breezes and cool evenings. Memberships have been updated this week and we have closed online registration at this time. Any tickets will be available at the convention itself. The banquet is almost closed - you have until Saturday midnight to purchase any tickets to the awards banquet. So make your banquet purchases now. The program book is development, along with all the normal last-minute items as we prepare for *gasp* next weekend. If you have any questions, please do contact the appropriate committee member on the committee page.

9.27.06 Greetings! You've probably noticed all of the new information on the site. Secondary hotel information is up, along with information on the confirmed dealers and the juried art room. The nominees for the Awards ballot is posted in the Awards section - congratulations! The shuttle information's been posted, and there's been updates as well regarding the committee members. If you have any questions, feel free to mail from the link on the site to the appropriate committee member. The anthology looks exciting and there's information on how to donate to Project Pride as a part of the texts. You can also see a little notice about that on the main page of The Cimmerian Web site. Memberships continue to come in regularly, and the team here is pretty geared up to see all of you soon. Only 5 more weeks to go! There's still time to sign up for the REH trip, so if you haven't and wish to go, now is the time. Many pages have updated information, so if haven't been to the site in a while, make sure you take a look.

8.20.06 Much ado about much! The REH trip is confirmed - see the REH page for info. The awards ballot is up on the Awards page. Of course, at the end of July, we had a flurry of memberships come. Those should be updated on the site as of the posted date. Book ad rates are available in the Publications section.

6.25.06 PR4 has been mailed. PLEASE NOTE the Awards Banquet is WFC Saturday at 7pm. Please plan accordingly - we would love to see you all at the banquet. Updates to the site include memberships, but also bios for this year's guests is now available. Last, but not least: a few of us were lucky to attend REH Days in Cross Plains this month. We had a great time meeting REHUPA members, Project Pride, and so many others who care so much about Robert E. Howard and his contributions to fantasy literature. Our Editor Guest of Honor, Glenn Lord, was at REH Days, and we were treated to a marvelous interview where he reminisced about his fan and editorial experiences. As a tie-in, CNN did a nice interview with Rusty Burke on REH in time for REH Days, and it includes a photo of Glenn. Check it out here. We're looking forward to seeing everyone at WFC2006 in Austin!

6.04.06 Greets! Anticipating PR4, I've put up a few early tidbits on American Airlines (in Hotel), more memberships, and the Awards Banquet (see Awards) which will be held on Saturday.

05.12.06 Hi everyone. From PR3, the site has been updated with information, including info on the REH Cross Plains trip and the mailed ballots. Shuttle info is on the Austin Page. However, the coolest, latest info is that Robin Hobb will join us as one of our GoHs. We're very excited! Memberships have been updated, and there is new info on the Art and Dealer's Pages as well. It's a short six months to WFC 2006, and we look forward to seeing you in Austin later this year!

04.20.06 PR3 is up and out. Updated Memberships along with PR3 posted in the Book Section. The WFC Awards Ballot has been included in the PR3 mailing, so don't miss it!

03.14.06 What's up? Lots. Committee meeting recently. Things happening. Check out the updated Committee Page and Memberships, of course. Please contact the appropriate committee member directly, if you have questions!

02.17.06 Apologies for not putting up more What's New! Over the weeks, we've updated the Membership Page pretty regularly, and today, updated the Hotel information with reservation codes. Make sure when you reserve your room that you mention WFC 2006 and give them the appropriate code (see the Hotel page) so you may received the convention room rate! Much is happening, so do stay tuned!

11.05.05 Updates to Membership Page (as always) and added the latest Progress Report.

8.14.05 Bradley Denton, toastmaster for WFC2006, won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award on July 8 for his story titled "Sergeant Chip." Congratulations Bradley!

8.06.05 Updates to Membership Page.

8.01.05 Addition of Paypal to the Charity Page.

7.28.05 Updates to Membership Page. Addition of Paypal for Attending and Supporting Memberships.

7.27.05 Updates to Membership Page.

7.26.05 Addition of Paypal to Membership Page.

7.21.05 Updates to Membership Page.

7.14.05 Updates to REH Page, adding Mark Finn's article.

7.11.05 Updates to About Austin, Membership, What's New, Main Page Guest List, and Progress Report 1. Press Release provided to Locus on the FACT announcement of Co-Chairs for WFC 2006.


Austin, TX - The Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc. (FACT) is pleased to announce Renee Babcock and Fred Duarte, Jr. have been selected to serve as the co-chairs for World Fantasy Convention 2006 (WFC 2006).

WFC 2006 will be held in Austin, Texas, November 2-5, 2006 at the Renaissance Hotel at the Arboretum. Both Ms. Babcock and Mr. Duarte are members of FACT, the host for the 2006 convention, and Ms. Babcock is the current Chair of FACTıs Board of Directors. Early memberships to WFC 2006 are currently available at a reduced rate of $100.

For more information on FACT, please visit the Web site at www.fact.org. For more information on WFC 2006, please visit www.fact.org/wfc2006.

Contact Information
Renee Babcock and Fred Duarte

6.27.05 Updates to About Austin, About FACT, Membership flyer, What's New, Charity, and Hotel.

6.23.05 Hotel, Guests, About Austin, About FACT, Committee, Site Map, and Membership Pages established, with Membership Flyer.

5.25.05 Brand, design, graphics, and information architecture established and presented.

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