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Dealer's Room
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The Dealer's Room is sold out at this time. Confirmed dealers are:

Adventures in Crime & Space
B. Brown & Assoc.
Basement Books
Benbella Books
Borderlands Books
Borderlands Press
Cold Tonnage Books
Dave Christenson
DreamHaven Books
Dwayne Olson
Edge Books
Fairwood Press
Fantastic Voyages
Fine Books Company
Joe R. Lansdale
Katmandu Books
Mark Rogers
Midnight Books
Night Shade Books
Old Earth Books & Prime Books
Prime Books
Rare Books
Realms of Fantasy
Small Beer Press
Tachyon Publications
The Bookie
Twilight Tales
Wheatland Press
Whispers Press
Ygor's Books

Please contact Greg Ketter at greg@dreamhavenbooks.com for more information.

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