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[ArmadilloCon 25]

ArmadilloCon 25 Program Grid

Friday Hill Country C Sycamore Oak Ballroom Foyer Maple Mimosa
4:00 PM Fr1600C Where's The Good Hard SF Being Published?
Baty, Dozois, Hall, Hartwell*, Owen
Fr1600S How Accurate are the Lord of the Rings Movie Adaptations?
Carl*, R. L. Conrad, de Orive, Graham, Wells
Fr1600O Welcome to ArmadilloCon!
Allston, Blaschke, Cupp*, Babcock, Parsons
4:30 PM      
5:00 PM Fr1700C Building An Alien Society From The Ground Up
Berg*, Chester, Lindskold, Moon, Osborne, Vinge
Fr1700S Reading
John Douglas
Fr1700O Trends In Fantasy
A. Baker, Kimbriel*, McKiernan, Shepherd, Trimm, Ward
5:30 PM Fr1730S Reading
Kate Saundby
6:00 PM   Fr1800S Reading
Dusty Rainbolt
6:30 PM   Fr1830S Reading
Mitchell Graham
7:00 PM Fr1900C Opening Ceremonies
Allston*, K. Baker, Groell, Picacio, W. Siros, Vinge
7:30 PM          
8:00 PM   Fr2000S Reading
Jayme Lynn Blaschke
  Fr2000BF Meet the Pros Party
8:30 PM   Fr2030S Reading
Jessica Reisman
9:00 PM Fr2100C Memories of ArmadilloCon 1
Barrett*, Cupp, W. Siros, Taylor, Waldrop
Fr2100S Reading
Eileen Gunn
  Fr2100Ma Inventing The Next Frontier
Anders, Mixon, Picacio*, Rosenblum, Sterling
Fr2100Mi Good Weird Fiction
Becker, Buchanan, Denton, Lansdale*, Nevins
9:30 PM Fr2130S Reading
Elizabeth Burton
10:00 PM Fr2200C What It Really Takes To Get Published
Crider, Enderle, Groell, Gunn, Van Gelder*, W. J. Williams
Fr2200S Reading
Steven Gould
    Fr2200Ma Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dissecting The Final Season
Hale, Henderson, Richerson*, Sarath, Wells
Fr2200Mi What Will The Human Body Be Like In 100 Years?
Charnas, Douglas*, Martindale, Person, Walker
10:30 PM Fr2230S Reading
James A. Owen
11:00 PM   Fr2300S Reading
Daniel Abraham

Saturday Hill Country C Maple Mimosa Oak Sycamore Dealers' Room Willow
10:00 AM Sa1000C Interesting Modern Fantasy
Freeze, Hartwell, Kimbriel, Lindskold*, W. Siros
Sa1000Ma Stump The Panel
Fox, Gunn*, Henderson, Rosenblum, Walker
Sa1000Mi The Romantic Underground
Anders*, A. Baker, Owen, Picacio, Roberson
Sa1000O Fanzines
Foster, Harvia, Parsons*, Person, P. Virzi
Sa1000S Reading
Mark L. Williams
10:30 AM Sa1030S Reading
Laura J. Mixon
11:00 AM Sa1100C The Evolution of Space Opera
Chester, Cramer, Douglas, Dozois*, Moon, Vinge
Sa1100Ma Cool SF/F Movies
Crider, Klaw*, Reisman, Shepard, Waldrop
Sa1100Mi The Hottest New Games
Allston*, Bakutis, de Orive, Salvaggio, W. Spector
Sa1100O The Golden Gryphon Experience
K. Baker, Barrett, Halpern*, Lansdale
Sa1100S Reading
Dennis L. McKiernan
Sa1100DR Autographing
Kimbriel, Mixon, Rosenblum, Sterling, M. Williams
11:30 AM Sa1130S Reading
Walter Jon Williams
Noon Sa1200C Fan Guest Interview
W. Siros, Taylor*
Sa1200Ma Ideas Somebody Should Write a Book About
Charnas, Gould, Enderle, Mills*, Osborne, Trimm
Sa1200Mi Getting Your Art Published Other Than Mainstream Book Covers
C. Conrad, Foster, Anderson, Owen, Picacio, Potter*
Sa1200O Wernher Von Braun and the Ugly Space Ship
Sa1200S Reading
Mark Shepherd
Sa1200DR Autographing
Chester, Douglas, Dozois, Groell, Moon, W. J. Williams
12:30 PM Sa1230S Reading
Martha Wells
1:00 PM Sa1300C Guest of Honor Interview
K. Baker, Hartwell*
Sa1300Ma Urban Fantasy
Allston, Buchanan, R. L. Conrad, Datlow*, Shepherd, W. B. Spencer
Sa1300Mi Gorillas in SF/F
Crider, Finn, Klaw*, Lansdale, Roberson, Waldrop
Sa1300O Machinima: Making Internet Movies with Computer Game Engines
Sa1300S Reading
Anne Lesley Groell
Sa1300DR Autographing
Gould, Martindale, Osborne, Owen, Rainbolt
1:30 PM Sa1330S Reading
Don Webb
2:00 PM Sa1400C Artist Guest Slide Show
Sa1400Ma The Future of Computers in Fiction and Reality
Baty, Becker*, Latner, Sterling, Vinge
Sa1400Mi The Anime Panel
Harvia*, Henderson, C. Siros, Salvaggio
Sa1400O JPL Mars Missions Slide Show
Sa1400S Reading
Lucius Shepard
Sa1400DR Autographing
Allston, Barrett, W. Spector, Waldrop, Wells
2:30 PM Sa1430S Reading
Carrie Richerson
3:00 PM Sa1500C Bantam Spectra Slide Show
Sa1500Ma How to Sell a Story to Asimov's
Abraham, K. Baker, Rosenblum, Sterling, Van Gelder*
Sa1500Mi Changes in Texas Fandom over 25 Years
Bobo, Hodgkinson, Jackson, Morris, P. Virzi*, Wells
Sa1500O Presentation On The Art, Craft And Business Of Writing
Sa1500S Reading
Suzy McKee Charnas
Sa1500DR Autographing
Anders, Hale, Halpern, Harvia, Richerson, Sarath
3:30 PM Sa1530S Reading
Jane Lindskold
4:00 PM Sa1600C The Coming Singularity And What It Means To Me
Abraham, Nevins, Vinge, Walker*, Webb
Sa1600Ma Magazines and E-Zines
Datlow, Dozois*, Gunn, Hall, Van Gelder, P. Virzi
Sa1600Mi Good Places To Eat in Austin and Central Texas
Baty, Person, Potter, Reisman, Sarath, C. Spector*
Sa1600O Internet Movie Demos
Sa1600S Reading
Joe R. Lansdale
Sa1600DR Autographing
Burton, Saundby
4:30 PM Sa1630S Reading
Scott A. Cupp
5:00 PM Sa1700C Fannish Feud
Allston, K. Baker, Becker, Bobo, Groell, Picacio, W. Siros, D. Virzi, W. J. Williams*, Wolf
Sa1700Ma Literary Criticism in SF
Blaschke, Hartwell, Lindskold*, Person, C. Spector, Sterling
Sa1700Mi Dream Realm Awards
Sa1700O Ursa Major Brown Bag Auction
Sa1700S Reading
Lillian Stewart Carl
Sa1700DR Autographing
Cupp, Datlow, Graham, Gunn, Shepard
5:30 PM Sa1730S Reading
Carol Berg
6:00 PM         Sa1800S Reading
Lee Martindale
6:30 PM         Sa1830S Reading
Rick Klaw
7:00 PM     Sa1900Mi Art Auction
Anderson, C. Conrad
Sa1900O Magical Realism in Texas
Freeze, Kimbriel, Lansdale, Shepherd, W. B. Spencer, Webb*
Sa1900S Reading
Beverly A. Hale
  Sa1900W Frontiers in Weird Research
Becker, Latner, Moon, Walker, Wheeler*
7:30 PM     Sa1930S Reading
Lynn Ward
8:00 PM     Sa2000O Too Good to be Popular: Underappreciated Writers
Douglas, Fox*, Hailey, Halpern, Trimm
    Sa2000W How to Sell a Novel
Berg*, Buchanan, Chester, R. L. Conrad, Graham, Van Gelder
8:30 PM     Sa2030S Reading
C. J. Mills
9:00 PM Sa2100C The ArmadilloCon Dance
    Sa2100O The Rewards Of Electronic Publishing
Blaschke*, Bracken, Burton, Enderle, Freeze, Saundby
Sa2100S Reading
Patrice Sarath
  Sa2100W The Films of M. Night Shyamalan
Charnas, de Orive, Hale, W. B. Spencer, Ward*
9:30 PM        
10:00 PM     Sa2200O How I Learned to Write
Crider, Henderson, Lindskold, Wells, M. Williams*
Sa2200S Reading
Andrew Fox
  Sa2200W SF on TV: Why Can't the Good Stuff Survive?
Chester, de Orive, Hale, Klaw*, Rainbolt
10:30 PM     Sa2230S Reading
Alexis Glynn Latner
11:00 PM       Sa2300S Reading
Michael Bracken
11:30 PM            

Sunday Hill Country C Maple Mimosa Oak Sycamore Dealers' Room
10:00 AM Su1000C Books We Read as Kids that Influenced Who We Are Now
K. Baker*, Buchanan, Gould, Lindskold, Reisman, Richerson
Su1000Ma The 21st Century So Far: What Happened to the Vision of The Jetsons?
Bobo, Cramer, Datlow, Jackson, W. J. Williams*
Su1000Mi Learning To Be An Artist
C. Conrad, Foster, Harvia*, Potter, Morris, Salvaggio
Su1000O Comic Books Worth Reading
Hale, Henderson, Nevins, Owen*, Wolf
Su1000S Reading
Mark Finn
10:30 AM Su1030S Reading
Chris Roberson
11:00 AM Su1100C Gone But Not Forgotten: Remembering George Alec Effinger, Chad Oliver, And John Sladek
Barrett, Dozois, Douglas*, Fox, W. Siros, Waldrop
Su1100Ma Approaches to Futures Past: Time Travel Variations
Mills, Mixon*, Saundby, Vinge, Wheeler, M. Williams
Su1100Mi Satirical SF
Cupp*, Denton, Halpern, W. B. Spencer, Webb
Su1100O Historical Meanings Of Space Opera
Cramer, Hartwell
Su1100S Reading
Cary G. Osborne
Su1100DR Autographing
K. Baker, Berg, Blaschke, Jackson, Lindskold
11:30 AM Su1130S Reading
Caroline Spector
Noon Su1200C Editor Guest of Honor Interview
Datlow*, Groell
Su1200Ma Reading
Aaron Allston
Su1200Mi Book Covers: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
A. Baker, Burton, Klaw, Morris, Picacio*, W. B. Spencer
Su1200O Breaking Into the Computer Game Industry
Charnas, de Orive, Henderson*, Salvaggio, W. Spector
Su1200S Paranormal Romance: Exciting New Direction or a Dilution of Genres?
Babcock, Berg, Buchanan*, Carl, Rainbolt, Sarath
Su1200DR Autographing
Denton, Enderle, Fox, Shepherd, Vinge, Webb
12:30 PM  
1:00 PM Su1300C Planning Your Career As a Writer
Bracken*, Chester, Enderle, Graham, Mills
Su1300Ma Reading
Bruce Sterling
Su1300Mi Why You Should Read Kage Baker
Dozois, Halpern, Hartwell, Richerson*, P. Virzi
Su1300O How to Explain Science to Kids
Gould, Potter, Rosenblum*, Sarath, M. Williams
Su1300S 25 Years of ArmadilloCon
Baty, Hodgkinson, W. Siros*, W. Spector, Taylor, D. Virzi
Su1300DR Autographing
Carl, Charnas, Crider, Klaw, Lansdale, Picacio
1:30 PM Su1330Ma Reading
Neal Barrett, Jr.
2:00 PM Su1400C Special Guest of Honor Interview
Vinge, Gibbons*
Su1400Ma Reading
Elizabeth Moon
Su1400Mi ArmadilloCon Charity Auction
Allston, W. J. Williams
Su1400O Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 21st Century
Anders*, Buchanan, Dozois, Groell, Person, Sterling
Su1400S Writing for Movies or TV
de Orive, Lansdale*, W. B. Spencer, Wheeler
Su1400DR Autographing
Abraham, Bracken, Hartwell, McKiernan, W. Siros, Van Gelder
2:30 PM Su1430Ma Reading
Mary Rosenblum
3:00 PM Su1500C Pictionary
Babcock, C. Conrad, Harvia, Owen, Parsons, Potter, C. Siros*
Su1500Ma Reading
Bradley Denton
Su1500O Men and Feminist Writing
Abraham, Finn, Latner, Martindale*, McKiernan, Richerson
Su1500S What You Should Have Been Reading Lately
Charnas, Hailey*, Hale, Hodgkinson, Van Gelder
Su1500DR Autographing
3:30 PM Su1530Ma Reading
Kage Baker
4:00 PM Su1600C Reading
Howard Waldrop
4:30 PM          

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