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Writer's Workshop

One-Day Writer's Workshop

For Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Fiction - at ArmadilloCon23

When:   Friday, November 16, 2001
Time:   9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Where:   Hilton Hotel North
IH 35 and Hwy 290 North
Austin TX
Teachers:   Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Jennifer Evans, James Stoddard, Toni Weisskopf, Wendy Wheeler (and maybe more!)
Cost:   $60 for workshop, critique, Friday lunch, and 3-day pass to ArmadilloCon23
Deadline:   Submit manuscripts by October 28, 2001

Send $60 check payable to "ArmadilloCon 23" along with your manuscript to: FACT / Writers Workshop
PO Box 27277
Austin TX 78755
Get your unpublished original work of science fiction/fantasy/horror fiction in front of a pro! Sign up for the ArmadilloCon23 writers workshop! Get invaluable critique and feedback from at least one pro writer or editor, plus small-group critiques from fellow attendees. Includes group sessions and panels or presentations throughout the about the craft and profession of writing. All at a terrific reasonable cost of only $60. You also get a lunch the day of the workshop, and admission to all three days of the convention!

o Submit your original work of science fiction, fantasy, or horror fiction along with a $60 check to the ArmadilloCon23 office postmarked no later than October 28, 2001. (Only one submission, only your own work, and only fiction, please!) It can be a short story, or the first chapter(s) of a novel, but maximum length is 5000 words. Manuscripts longer than the maximum will be shortened at the ArmadilloCon23 offices. Format your manuscript professionally-print double-spaced on one side of a letter-sized white sheet of paper, using 12-point Courier or Times typeface, and indicate new paragraphs with a 5-space tab (not an extra line). Most writing books and many on-line sources describe what professional formatting looks like if you have questions!

o With the work you submit, you will also need to provide us with permission to photocopy your story for distribution to the other workshoppers. You can add a sentence to the first page, or include a separate page, that says: "For the purposes of the ArmadilloCon23 writers workshop only, I hereby give permission to the representatives of ArmadilloCon23 to photocopy my original work of fiction entitled _____ ." And then sign the release.

o You will receive the manuscripts of the other students in your group about two weeks before the workshop for you to review and critique ahead of time. The bulk of the workshop time will be taken up by breaking into smaller groups for in-depth critiques of your manuscripts. The balance of the workshop will include writers' exercises, lectures, handouts, etc. from the pro writers/editors.

Hope to see you November 16th!

--Wendy Wheeler and Jennifer Evans, for the ArmadilloCon23 Writer's Workshop.

Cancellations: If you miss the workshop on Friday, November 16, we will mail your manuscript and the critiques we can gather to you. No refunds once manuscripts are mailed to the pros.

Teacher Bios:
  • Toni Weisskopf is an executive editor at Baen Books, and the co-editor of two SF anthologies, Tomorrow Sucks and Tomorrow Bites.

  • Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury is director and editor of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop and author of numerous short stories in several theme anthologies, such as Magic: The Gathering, and the Sword and Sorceress series by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

  • James Stoddard is the author of two novels: The High House and The False House. He's won a Compton Crook Award for best fantasy by a new novelist, and was one of five finalists for the Mythopoeic Award.

  • Jennifer Evans has published fiction in Asimov's SF Magazine and in 50 Crafty Little Cats, and is busy shopping her urban fantasy novel to agents.

  • Wendy Wheeler has published in Analog, Aboriginal SF, Gorezone, etc., and several theme anthologies, and had a story chosen for a recent Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. She also teaches fiction for UT Informal Classes

For more information
     (512) 477-6259 (day)
     (512) 477-2294 (evening)
Web: http://www.fact.org/dillo/      E-Mail: Jennifer Evans and Wendy Wheeler