ArmadilloCon 26
August 13-15, 2004
Austin, TX
Sponsored by: F.A.C.T.
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Each year ArmadilloCon gets better and better. Each year the number of people who pitch in to make it that way gets smaller and smaller. That’s a statement of fact, not a criticism. No one knows better than I do that with all the terrific programming that goes on the weekend of the con, it’s hard to commit to using eight of those limited hours sitting at the registration table or guarding the dealer’s room door or refilling the M&Ms bowl.

But then the question arises: if not us, then who?

Volunteers who commit to the full eight hours receive the registration fee rebate. Volunteers who have an hour or three when they don’t have something else they want to do win our undying gratitude. Okay, you can’t put it in the bank or use it to help pay your cable bill. You’ll just have a good time and help us ensure ArmadilloCon continues to live long and prosper, and that the folks who regularly sign on to help don’t crumble into burnout dust.

If you’re sure you’ll be coming—or even just fairly sure--and are willing to fill up a chair or empty a wastebasket, even if only for an hour or two, fill out the form and let me know you’re interested.

We usually need folks for badge-checking and/or helping out in the con suite. Helping hands are also needed Thursday night to set up the art show, but that means you need to live in or near Austin or willing to come early. If you do, then that's an additional option. (NOTE: We will not provide sleeping arrangements for out of towners.)

If you're not familiar with these jobs, badge-checking essentially means sitting at the entrance to the dealer's room and making sure only those with Con badges enter. Con suite duty usually means making sure there are lots of goodies available and whatever else needs doing. Art show set-up is heavy labor on Thursday and Sunday and minor labor on Friday and Saturday. Art show help is helping to sit at the table to monitor those who enter and leave to ensure that they don't steal any art, take photos or take someone else's bag.

If you register after the discount deadline or at the door, eight volunteer hours earns you a rebate on your membership. In other words, if you've paid the full fee, you'll receive the difference between what you paid and what the con committee members pay as a refund once you have worked 8 hours.

There will be sign-up and schedule sheets at the registration table, and if you're fairly sure you'll be working, I'll make a note to that effect on my list.

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I'd like to volunteer for: (check all that apply)
Art Show Setup (Thursday night - some physical labor)
Art Show Setup (Friday night - some minor physical labor)
Art Show Teardown (Sunday afternoon/evening - some physical labor)
Art Show Help
Dealer Room Door Monitor
Con Suite Helper
Registration Helper

Do you have any questions about Volunteering? Please e-mail .


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