ArmadilloCon 26
August 13-15, 2004
Austin, TX
Sponsored by: F.A.C.T.
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Greetings! We hope to be able to welcome you to the second annual ArmadilloCon Gaming Extravaganza. We’ll be adding to your con-going experience this year with some lively events and plenty of gaming fun for all. A precise schedule is forthcoming.

Sign up below to show your interest and give us input on what other games you might like to see!

The current line-up of games includes:

  • Munchkin - It is not necessary to have played this game before, but it helps. It is pretty easy to learn and can be purchased online at Steve Jackson Games or at most gaming shops in Texas. (Several flavors of this game will be presented, and tournaments are highly likely.)
  • Chez Geek - It is not necessary to have played this game before, but it helps. It is pretty easy to learn and can be purchased online from Steve Jackson Games or at most gaming shops in Texas.
  • WarGods of Aegyptus - The games played will be demos for this new and exciting miniatures game! Please see for game info.
  • Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e) - A low-level module will be run several times for all those interested. Pre-generated PCs will be provided. This is an excellent way to sample the most popular game in the industry right now.
  • Dragonstar: Fabian's Folly – This is roughly a 4 hour module set on a space station/hotel called Paradise. The premise of the game is that the station master, Fabian LaRue, has been swindled out of a million credits and wants the adventurers, a band of detectives and hired thugs, to help him figure out who amongst his crew did it before the ISP comes in and starts sniffing around. This game will have pre-generated characters of 5-8 levels, but players are welcome to bring their Dragonstar characters of those levels to play. These characters will be subject to Game Master approval.
  • Changeling: The Night Masque – This is roughly a 4 hour module which is for a mixed group of Seelie and UnSeelie Changelings in the White Wolf game system. The premise is that Sir Jax of the Duchy of the Four Seasons has reason to believe that the Duke will be assassinated during his Masqued Ball, the theme of which is the Night Masque. Sir Jax is asking for those who want to be paid in Glamour and possible court favors to come to his home the night before the Masque to hear the details of this potentially dangerous assignment. The Story-Teller will have pre-generated characters for this game, as well as some fun props! This is not your standard, pranking, silly Changeling game, but rather a fun, yet serious and mature look at the depths to which depravity can steal the soul of even the most generous and good people.

We’re still looking for more folks to run games. So, if you’re a GM or company outrider (SJG’s MIBs, Games Workshop’s Outriders, etc.) and you’re interested in running a game or demo, please send an email to our for more details.

First Name:
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Please check which games you wish to play:
Chez Geek
WarGods of Aegyptus
Dungeons and Dragons
Dragonstar: Fabian's Folly
Changeling: The Night Masque
Other (please list below):

We will also be having Open Gaming again this year. If you would like to bring your own games, feel free. (ArmadilloCon will not be responsible for any damage or loss of these games.) Currently, the games that will be available are:

  • Lord Of The Rings Risk
  • Chez Geek with both expansions
  • FLUX
  • Munchkin with both expansions
  • Star Munchkin
  • Munchkin Fu
  • The Settlers of Catan with the expansion Cities & Knights of Catan
  • Starfarers Of Catan
  • Star Wars Trivial Pursuit
  • Star Wars Life
  • Cranium

If you have any questions, please contact the .


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