ArmadilloCon 26
August 13-15, 2004
Austin, TX
Sponsored by: F.A.C.T.
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The Art Show is sold out!

We continue our tradition of having an excellent Art Show showcasing some of the best talent in North America. Our Art Show has been extremely successful and very well-received by both artists and participants alike. This year, we are thrilled to be presenting our Artist Guest of Honor, Charles Vess. Charles is an amazing artist and we are extremely pleased to showcase his work in the Art Show!

We are interested in inserting art into the program book from our Art Show artists. Please read the submission guidelines and contact if you are interested.

We are also excited to be continuing the Art Show Auction. And what Sci-Fi Art Show Auction would be complete without the help of Cat Conrad, our Master Auctioneer at this year's Auction.


We are sold out and no longer accepting reservations. Artists who are exhibiting in our show should consult our artist information.

Below are the confirmed artists for our convention:
Charles Vess - Artist Guest of Honor
Cat Conrad - Master Auctioneer
David Lee Anderson
Kimm Antell
Linda Biggs
Thomas Bishop
Nancy Cagle
Daniel Cortopassi
David Deen
Sara Felix
Brad Foster
Grant Fuhst
Denise Garner
John Garner

Rocky Kelley
Carol Landley
Joy Marie Ledet
Kathleen Lowe
David Lloyd
Meredith Martini
C. S. L. McKeand
Elissa Mitchell
Janie Murphy
Mai Nguyen
Christy Nicholas
Nicole Pelligrini
Astra Poyser
Patti Prevett
John Picacio
Tony Sansevero
Abranda Sisson
Ruth Thompson
Kenneth Tolliver
Vincent Villafranca
Corene Werhane
Deborah Woods

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