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The Silver Jubilee

A Literary Science Fiction Convention
on August 8-10, 2003 at the Hilton North in Austin, TX

Guest of Honor Kage Baker
Fan Guest Willie Siros
Toastmaster Aaron Allston
Editor Guest Anne Groell
Artist Guest John Picacio
Special Guest Vernor Vinge

Hall of Fame of Former Guests of Honor attending: Neal Barrett, Jr., Kurt Baty, Tom Becker, Scott Bobo, Ginjer Buchanan, Ellen Datlow, Bradley Denton, John Douglas, Gardner Dozois, Brad W. Foster, Steven Gould, David Hartwell, Teddy Harvia, Debbie Hodgkinson, Al Jackson, Joe R. Lansdale, Elizabeth Moon, Harry O. Morris, Spike Parsons, Mary Rosenblum, William Browning Spencer, Bruce Sterling, Robert Taylor, Gordon Van Gelder, Pat Virzi, Howard Waldrop, Martha Wells

(supported in part by Grants from F.A.C.T. and ALAMO)

Walter Jon Williams Guest Emeritus

Aaron Allston has sent his Toastmaster Speech.

Program Schedule and Program Grid now available.

Dream Realm Awards 2002 to recognize Excellence in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in electronically published books will be presented during ArmadilloCon 25. Finalists are now listed on the Dream Realm Awards website.

Confirmed Program Participants include: Daniel Abraham, Lou Anders, David Lee Anderson, Renee Babcock, Allison Baker, Eric Bakutis, Carol Berg, Jayme Blaschke, Michael Bracken, Elizabeth Burton, Lillian Stewart Carl, Suzy McKee Charnas, Deborah Chester, Cat Conrad, Roxanne Longstreet Conrad. Kathryn Cramer, Bill Crider, Scott Cupp, Aaron de Orive. Dotti Enderle, Jennifer Evans, Mark Finn, Andrew Fox, Cathy Freeze, John K. Gibbons, Mitchell Graham, Eileen Gunn, Peggy Hailey, Beverly Hale, Jennifer A. Hall, Marty Halpern, Jason Henderson, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Rick Klaw, Alexis Glynn Latner, Jane Lindskold, Lee Martindale, Dennis L. McKiernan, C. J. Mills, Laura J. Mixon, Jess Nevins, Cary Osborne, James Owen, Lawrence Person, Doug Potter, Dusty Rainbolt, Jessica Reisman, Carrie Richerson, Chris Roberson, Tony Salvaggio, Patrice Sarath, Kate Saundby, Lucius Shepard, Mark Shepherd, Charles Siros, Caroline Spector, Warren Spector, Mikal Trimm, Dennis Virzi, Sage Walker, Lynn Ward, Don Webb, Wendy Wheeler, Mark Williams, Lori Wolf

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