ArmadilloCon 24 Art Show Entry and Reservation

Artist: _________________________Agent: _________________________
Address: _______________________ Address:_______________________
City:__________________________ City:__________________________
State/Zip:_______________________ State/Zip:_______________________
Phone: ________________________ Phone:________________________
E-mail:_________________________ E-mail: _________________________

Do you need additional control (listing) sheets for the Art Show? How many?____
For the Print Shop? How many?______
Approximately how many pieces are you showing?_________

___ Panels (4' x 4') @ $15 for 1, maximum 4$________
___ Tables (6') @ $10 for 1/2, $15 for 1, maximum 2$________
___ Prints @ 1 -5 prints $5; 6-10 prints $10; 11-15 prints $15; 16-20 prints $20, maximum 20  $________

Make checks and Money Orders payable to "FACT/ArmadilloCon 24"

Card type: (circle one) MasterCard Visa Discover AmEx
Card number ___________________________________________________
Expiration date ____________________ Phone ____________________
Name on the card _______________________________________________
Signature _____________________________________________________

PLEASE NOTE: CREDIT CARDS WILL BE RUN THROUGH THE ACCOUNT OF "ADVENTURES IN CRIME & SPACE", SO THE CHARGE FOR ART SHOW FEES ON YOUR BILL WILL BE TO THAT BUSINESS. By signing, you allow "Adventures in Crime & Space" to charge your credit card the amount specified above.

Mail completed form and payment to:
Lillian Butler, Art Show Director
ArmadilloCon 24 Art Show
5408-A Sunshine Dr.
Austin, TX 78756-2222

I may be contacted at 512-323-6648 (evenings/weekends before 11pm CST are best), or via email at I am willing to answer any questions you may have, but I need to have your payment in order to guarantee your space at the show. Do you have any special needs for space, electricity, etc.? Has your name changed? Please let me know: