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Catherine Asaro

Catherine Asaro won this year's Compuserve Homer award for her novel The Veiled Web. Her Novella "Aurora in Four Voices" won the Homer last year in the Novella category, and the Analog Reader's Poll, and was on both Hugo and Nebula ballots. Catch the Lightning, set with "Aurora in Four Voices" in her Skolian Imperialate universe, won the 1997 UTC Reader's Choice Award for best novel, and the 1997 Sapphire Award for best SF Romance. The Last Hawk, also in the Skolian Imperialate series, was on the Nebula Award final ballot. Her latest book in the series, Ascendant Sun, is out in hardback from Tor.

The "hard science" texture of Asaro's SF is well grounded in her background as a physicist. With a Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard, she has conducted research at the University of Toronto, Max Planck Institute in Germany, and at Harvard. In addition to her writing, she runs Molecudyne Research, and has participated in and conducted symposium sessions for NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program. At ArmadilloCon, she will be presenting a special session on theoretical possibilities for interstellar travel, in addition to discussing her fiction and participating in various panels.
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