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ArmadilloCon 22

Board Gaming

Site Menu We'll be focusing on "German style" boardgames, i.e. relatively fast and simple multiplayer games such as:
      Settlers of Catan
      Can't Stop
      Durch die Wueste
      Quo Vadis
      Titan the Arena
      Frank's Zoo
      The Great Dalmuti
      Union Pacific
      all the Cheapass games
      etc etc etc
We'll just bring a large variety of the sorts of games one plays at a fun boardgame evening.

Currently we're planning to have a sign up sheet for "opponents wanted" so people can organize what games they want to play when, rather than us imposing a fixed schedule, since the armadillocon gaming is a pretty casual drop-in affair for the most part anyway. Our thinking is that most folks came to the gaming room for a break between other ArmadilloCon events, and so a hardcore structured format is not appropriate.

There will be an ongoing tournament done by simply recording all game results as a whole and running them through a ratings system.

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