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Dealersí Room Rules

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  1. Each dealer table includes one free convention membership; there is a maximum of two free memberships per dealer. Additional dealer memberships may be purchased for $15 each.

  2. Wear your badge. Convention badges must be worn at all times while in the Dealersí Room and while attending any other convention function. This includes during dealer setup.

  3. We hope to have the Dealersí Room open as early as 2:00 PM on Friday for setup. We will update this information as it evolves. On Saturday and Sunday, the room will open to dealers only one hour before general opening time. On Friday and Saturday, dealers should be out of the room no later than 30 minutes after it is closed to the general public, so that the room can be secured for the night. If you have a serious need to access the Dealersí Room outside of normal hours, you must contact the Dealersí Room Coordinator or a Convention Chairperson.

  4. Badges and convention packets will be available at the FACT table in the Dealersí Room. Tell the door guard that you are a dealer and need to find the FACT table. It will be near the front of the room.

  5. Only convention members and hotel personnel will be allowed into the Dealersí Room. ArmadilloCon does not have "dealers' room only" passes.

  6. Food and drink may only be brought into the Dealersí Room by dealers, and must be consumed behind the dealersí tables.

  7. Convention security will be present at the Dealersí Room door during the hours that the room is open for business, and during dealer setup. At all other times the Dealersí Room will be secured by locks provided by the hotel. Please be advised that security is not the responsibility of the Hotel. In particular, the exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of the exhibitís activities on the Hotel premises, and will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Hotel, its agents, servants, and employees from any and all such losses, damages, and claims, excepting those caused with intent, or through gross negligence of the Hotel. (Sorry about the boilerplate, but it is required. You know what it means: You exhibit at the Hotel at your own risk.) If you feel you have a security issue, take your concern first to the door guard or the Dealersí Room Coordinator, then to a Convention Chair. Do not take action on your own.

  8. THOU SHALT NOT do any of the following:
    1. Smoke in the Dealersí Room, or anywhere else in the Hotel, except as designated. All ArmadilloCon convention areas are non-smoking.
    2. Share or sublet any of your tables. All the merchandise for sale at a table must belong to the dealer who contracted for the table.
    3. Sell unlicensed, "bootleg" copyrighted material or "stripped" books. That is called biting the hands of the creative people who we come together to celebrate at conventions, and it will not be permitted. A dealer found selling such items will be asked to stop; if they refuse, their badge(s) will be confiscated and they will be removed from the Dealersí Room without refund.
    4. Sell firearms, replica or otherwise. Bladed weaponry must be sold boxed and sealed, so bring supplies.
    5. Attach anything to the walls of the Dealersí Room except with masking tape.
    6. Solicit customers in autograph lines. It is bad manners. If you are caught doing this, a representative from our Directorate of Civility will speak to you, politely and quietly. If you persist, your professionalism will be disparaged and you will not be invited back to future ArmadilloCons.

Please acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these rules by signing below, and sending the signed copy with your payment for dealer tables. Under no circumstances will a dealer be allowed to exhibit in the ArmadilloCon Dealersí Room until we have a signed copy of these rules on file.

Signed _____________________________________________________________

Print Name _____________________________________________________________

Name of Business _____________________________________________________________

Type of Merchandise _____________________________________________________________

Address of


Telephone _____________________________________________________________

E-mail _____________________________________________________________

# of Tables Desired
(at $75/table)

Extra Memberships Needed
(at $10 each)

Electricity Requested
(at $25/weekend)

Deposit Sent
(minimum $75)

Balance Due by 8/1/2000 _____________________________________________________________

Names you want on _____________________________________________________________
badges (in addition _____________________________________________________________
to business name if _____________________________________________________________
desired) _____________________________________________________________

For questions regarding ArmadilloCon 22, please e-mail the Con Chairman.

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