The Fandom Association of Central Texas
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Aaron Allston Fundraiser and Auction

Austin, TX -- A fundraiser and auction to benefit the Aaron Allston Donation Fund will be held on Sunday, July 19, from 1-5 p.m. at Arbor A in San Gabriel Park, 445 E. Morrow, Georgetown, TX. The Aaron Allston Donation Fund is a medical fund established by his friends to help Mr. Allston, an internationally known science fiction writer and author of several Star Wars novels, with large medical expenses recently incurred as a result of emergency bypass surgery. Mr. Allston is a long-time resident of Central Texas.

The event sponsor is the Fandom Association of Central Texas (FACT,, a Texas-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the promotion of literacy through the appreciation of speculative fiction. FACT is seeking donations of food and other items from local businesses for the event. We anticipate attendance of approximately 100+ people, and are actively promoting to the media. To discuss making a contribution, please contact Wendy Snyder, FACT Events Manager, at or phone Elizabeth Burton, FACT board secretary, at 512-402-5298.

Money donated to the Aaron Allston Donation Fund will be used only for Mr. Allston’s medical bills, which may include hospital and doctor’s bills, rehabilitation therapy, prescribed treatments and medications.   To make a contribution directly to the fund, go to any Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., branch office and inform them that you wish to make a deposit to the Aaron Allston Donation Fund established in Texas and they can process it there.  In the alternative, make a check out to Aaron Allston Donation Fund and mail to Aaron Allston, Attn: AADF, PO Box 564, Round Rock, TX 78680-0564.  Please do not make checks out to Mr. Allston directly.   Checks made to the fund will not affect Mr. Allston’s income.  And finally, for anyone who would like to contribute to Mr. Allston’s medical fund via PayPal, a PayPal account ( has been established.